Free Spins Upon Registration UK

Player Guide


Congratulations. You have just earned your free spins. Pretty easy right? But here comes the hard part. How do you use it? We do not mean how to throw away your spins in five minutes but how to utilize your spins in a way that will fetch you some good cash or provide you with the best of excitement.

Many players usually think there is a system for beating the slots but the fact is, there is not. It is either your payday or it is not. Nevertheless, there are ways you can increase your probability of winning and there is no best way to do that than with free spins.

When you make use of your free spins in a judicious manner, chances are you end up with money in your pocket before the free spins are exhausted or expired. So how do you put yourself one step closer to your goal?

By knowing these tips:

There are no guaranteed ways to cash out big on slots

This is the first rule every player is aware of. Unlike sports betting which may have certain formulas to give you an advantage, playing on slot machines have no predictable style. This is because the machines are operated through RNGs also known as “Random Number Generators” which ensures that the slots remain unpredictable and beyond reproach.

So far the casino is governed by the top gambling regulators, such as the UKGC or the MGA, you can be sure the casino is not skimming from you. The essence of this is for you to understand there is no “pattern” to get an edge over a slot. But by studying the RTP and other information, you can tell what amount of money you could get in return if you wagered on a particular slot. It is also pertinent to understand some slots pay more often than others, while some have bigger jackpots. This guides you on how to use your free spins.

Different Tactics for Different Slots

As you can see from the conclusion of the first point, all slots are not the same. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to casino games. This is true especially for slots. The tactics you utilize depends on the type of player you are and what you are playing for.

Many players do not play to win. Some simply play for fun. If this is you, then you should constantly be on the lookout for sites with the latest free spin offers. You could use these offers to try out different slot games at no expense to you. For the “Dream Chasers” looking for life changing money, you can utilize your free slots to increase your playing life. This way you can extend your chances of hitting that big win even when you have little funds in your account.

In conclusion, by following these tips, you can finally play like a pro.